The New Standard In Presentations

PostReality is an easy to use platform that enables the creation of unique augmented reality presentations. From real estate to conferences and one-off events, we can help add depth and content, shown on a personalized level to your audience. Create your next presentation in under 5 minutes!

Real Estate

Showcase your property using augmented reality! Display photos, videos, 3D models and 360 degree photos, letting your client go inside a property without having to be there. Don’t have content for a property? Just let us know- we can help create it for you!


PostReality is the world’s leading augmented reality education platform. Using the PostReality app allows you to show off your research and class presentations using videos, 3D models, slideshows and more! Your audience can interact directly with you and provide feedback, or download content for later viewing. Specialized content can also be developed and used for your specific project.

Engage With Your Audience

Customizable features.
Easy to create, easy to use.
Embed video files related to your presentation. Audience members can also download these directly from your poster for later viewing.
Attach clickable audio files to allow your audience to follow along with your presentation and provide additional information
Track user metrics and convert leads. Your audience can also interact with your content and send comments to the presenter.
3D Modelling
Augment your presentation by placing 2-D models over 3-D data for maximum effect and interaction

Our Dedicated Team

GM & FounderLiron Lerman

Lead DeveloperSergio Nizama

Software EngineerTanay Nigam

Full Stack DeveloperJeremy John


KreatAR is a subsidiary of the Glimpse Group, a VR/AR company with the specific purpose of cultivating entrepreneurs in the VR/AR industry.